The English Restaurant - An independent, family-owned restaurant on the fringe of the City. 50-52 Brushfield Street, Spitalfields, London E1

The English Restaurant,
Spitalfields Market, London

"We gave the company for dinner some fish and oyster sauce, a nice piece of boiled beef, a fine neck of pork roasted and apple sauce, some hashed turkey, mutton steaks, salad, etc, a wild duck roasted, fried rabbits, a plum pudding and some tartlets. Dessert, some olives, nuts, almonds and raisins and apples. The whole company were pleased with their dinner, etc. Considering we had not above three hours' notice of their coming we did very well in that short time. All of us were rather hurried on the occasion."
29 February 1788

Rev. James Woodforde

Quoted in Jane Grigson's English Food.

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Please use OpenTable to book your table at The English Restaurant. If your reservation is for today, or you need very prompt confirmation, please telephone us on 020 7247 4110.

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